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Hello & welcome to my 2D asset.

My name is Hayden. I created this asset because I was working on prototyping projects myself and kept finding myself needing specific animations that were not easily available. I figured I would put out a comprehensive 2D pixel art asset pack that might help you get your game off the ground and running in the right direction especially if you struggle with the art side of things as a solo developer. You can add your own life/character to it and modify it however fits your game best.

Please note: I won't be providing any unity files or scripts. This asset pack is only graphical assets.

If you do end up using this for a project let me know/give me a shout-out b/c the exposure helps and honestly, I would also love to see the results!



Please do me a favor and give a RATE / follow if you like what you see here. There is a lot of good content already and more on the horizon for this project!

Small Project I made if you're interested in giving it a try. Far from perfect, but 100% my own assets and code so that's something I'm very proud of:

Aseprite Files & Sprite Sheets will be available for all animations..

Animations In Progress (Asset Pack V5)

  • Knocked Down
  • Slide
  • Dash

Asset Pack V1:

  • Idle Animation
  • Run Animation
  • Jump Animation (3) (Jumping up, Max Height, Jumping down)
  • Landing on Ground Animation
  • Landing on Wall Animation
  • Wall Slide Animation
  • Simple Tilemap (32x32 tiles)
  • Simple Tilemap Background

Asset Pack V2:

  • Roll
  • Air Spin/ Double Jump
  • Ledge Grab/Ledge Climb
  • Push
  • Pull 
  • Sneak/Crouch-Walk
  • Crouch-Idle

Asset Pack V3:

  • Push/Pull Idle
  • Walk Animation (community suggestion)
  • Basic Sword Attack
  • Death
  • Punching (with anticipation) Animation (Community Suggestion) 
  • Idle w/ Sword
  • Running w/ Sword
  • Stabbing Animation (Community Suggestion)
  • Damage/Hurt

Asset Pack V4:

  • Ladder Climb - Side facing & Back Facing
  • Punch Combo. Jab & Cross.
  • Gunshot (Two-Handed)
  • Running and Gunning
  • Running/ Aiming Gun
  • Aiming Running
  • Katana Run
  • Katana Attack(s)
  • Katana Running Attack
  • Katana Aerial Attack

Future Animation Plans:

  • High Kick
  • Downward attack
  • Upward attack
  • Gunshot (8-direction?)
  • Crouching Gunshot
  • one handed gun shot
  • Low Kick (crouch)
  • Katana Block
  • Katana Parry
  • Katana Idle
  • Run Stop Momentum (community suggestion)
  • Prone/Army Crawl?
  • Swimming Animation (Community Suggestion)
  • Holding Item Idle - One Handed/Two Handed (Community Suggestion)
  • Holding Item Running - One Handed/Two Handed (Community Suggestion)
  • Sitting/Resting Animation (Community Suggestion)
  • Ground Slide/Slide Down Slope (Community Suggestion)
  • Pickup/Drop Animations (?)
  • Throw Animation


2D Pixel Art Character Template Asset Pack © 2023 by Hayden Zegley is licensed under CC BY 4.0

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(417 total ratings)
Tags2D, Animation, Asset Pack, Characters, Controller, free, Pixel Art, rig, Royalty Free


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Are you up for a co-op bundle?
Itch.io Roaring Summer Bundle - itch.io

Just bought this and it's awesome! Makes it so much easier to create my characters.

One thing I would ask is if you can add a normal walking backwards animation.

Thank you!

Can any one please explain the process of applying this animations to work on my own character??

I downloaded a character from other packs and I would like to take this animations and apply them on my character..

What steps should I do?

Can any one refer me to a tutorial on you tube or something?

Can鈥檛 find any materials about this topic..


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If we get a katana dodge skill and crouch aim walk skill I would be very grateful.

Could you please update the standing or moving poses for someone holding a heavy weapon (such as a Gatling gun) when not firing, as well as when firing bullets? Additionally, please update the standing and moving poses for an archer when not shooting an arrow, and when shooting an arrow with slow and fast movements.

How much time inbetween frames should I have?


When purchasing, if you make any updates, will I be able to access it?


I bought during V3, and whenever I download it, I receive everything up to date.


pleae do one by blocking with a shield


Do you have anywhere for people to suggest specific animations? Or are you just monitoring the comments to see what people are asking for?

(I think some sort of space dedicated to suggestions might be a good idea haha)

hello, I live in Russia because of the sanctions, it is difficult for us to pay, is there any other way to buy

my email : h198741@126.com

Send me an email to tell me who you are, and I will send you a copy for free.

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Great asset pack, love the work. Wish I had as much talent as you. This pack is honestly above and beyond what ive seen from Prototype Pixel Art Packs.

I know you prob have other things going on / other projects but If you ever plan to do a second pack or even add to this one I have a few suggestions.

- Spear / Staff Attacks (Jab, Throw, Trip, Spin in front to block projectiles)
- Dual Wield Pistols / Daggers / Short Swords
- Air Attacks for various weapons (Up, Down, Sides)
- Flying Animations (Air Idle, Fly Forward / Back, Dive Bomb)

Hi Zeggy,

Can I study and take the animations as an inspiration to create my own and use in my work without attribution? I have a quite different pixel art style and also the  size is different which might lead me to have shorter or longer frames per layer. The terms in the license contract are not clear because it does not really fall under remix, transform or build upon.

Thanks in advanced

Hi i have a problem with the jump animation= if i make it and try to jump, when i jump the animation starts (it puts his legs back) but it finish only when i hit the ground (it puts his  legs forward). How can i fix it?

This is not really the right channel for these kinds of questions. This is solely art assets and not how to implement them or make them function properly in-game. If I could make a suggestion, I would recommend finding a forum related to the game engine (unity?) you're working with to help further.

Good luck!

thanks i resolved, i saw only now you reply :)

menos mal que lo compre por que amigo esto esta increible o mas bien invecible

Hi, do you know why i can't slice this image on unity?(for doing the animation) This is the idle animation

Take a look into this manual https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/SpriteEditor.html, I think the issue you are facing is actually because your Spritesheet is selected as " Single ", but it should be " multiple" . Clikc on the sprite -> Find inspector usually top right -> see Sprite Mode -> Select multiple   Introduction to Sprite Animations - Unity Learn

thank you i'm stupid i totally forget to set it to multiple. Thank you again :)

Hi can yo write me please i have a question about game what you want to make? insta, telegram or discord?

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Hi, i downloaded the asset. How can I trace the pixels of the characters to create my own? I need aseprite?

Photoshop, GIMP, Aseprite, etc..

Libresprite is a freeware version if cost is your concern.

(1 edit)

if i try to open it on krita or gimps the process return an error

The new update is great, but I've noticed that the aseprite files do not split the limbs/moving parts into layers like the old one... any special reason for that?

I can definitely separate it out again if desired. I typically always work with a flattened image when I animate 

Hey, can you please respond my other question?

(1 edit)

Hi,can i buy it with euros? I'am in europe and we don't have USD

I see people purchase it from other European countries so I would imagine it is possible, but i'm not really sure exactly how that works sorry

Thanks, i'll try and inform you just so you will know how it works if someone in future ask you again this question :)


Update: I bought it with $ :) (it costed 1.22$) Just so you will be prepared if someone else will ask you this again

If I buy now, will I have access to future animations, or will I have to buy again?
(1 edit) (+1)

From what I've noticed. It seems as though you get access to any and all future updates, I just downloaded the latest file with the "Dash" animation added and I got all of the files again.

Yes - I re-downloaded  the file but did not have to pay again.

hello. what animations is available if i buy


Bro, make riffle shooting please!

Just purchased, and the V5 zip file only contains "Dash" and "Slide"?

Yes- that is what would be available currently

Oh I think I see what you mean. Let me fix

Thanks for the quick turnaround! We're all good now!


Bought as soon as the check hit! I'll show what I made with it in the future!


Very nice!

Makes for a great base to design and create your own characters quickly, not just prototyping!


Great asset. Works for prototyping and as a base for other sprite work

Hello! I really like the packs, but I have a question. The DASH folder in pack 5 is missing the files, is that an error? 


Just uploaded

Hey man amazing staff, just wondering about the license. can i modify the pack for a new character right ? I'm just using your animations. plus except of buying of course what I have to do to use it ? and can i sell the game after as a project ?



bro, I bought it twice but I didn't receive it in the email

Sounds like a support request for ITCH support

Have you tried checking/downloading from your "Library"? 

already, but it still doesn't appear

Your best bet is to contact itch support if that is the case. They handle everything regarding the delivery of the asset

Can you please do the katana parry and katana block as fast as you can ? Btw nice animations, you've done a great job !

(1 edit)

It won't let me pay the $0.50, it told me "Due to processing fees the minimum amount is 100 cents" I would pay more but I don't have


Thanks so much for making this, it really helped me in finishing this game jam for my college. I provided credit, here's the game: https://m-1k3-y.itch.io/down-goes-dante

It is a bit rough around the edges, but I think it turned out OK for being my "first" jam. Customized the character a little bit to look like Dante Alighieri lol. Cheers!

Yo, does anyone know is out there anywhere i can find something similar, but for 4 directions (facing the camera, facing right/left, and back to the camera)?


I began working on something due to high demand馃か

That's great to hear! Keep up the good work!

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey there! I really love this asset pack, I'm recently trying to make animations and some form of a game prototype basing on it! Can't wait for the slide animation too :)

Also just in case I wanted to share some results. At the moment I'm using the template's animations to recreate the player character. I'll work on a custom tileset later on, for now I'm pretty much prototyping.:

(1 edit)

this is really great- thank you for sharing! I love the secondary animation work you did with the hair. really helps bring it to life

I'm new here, can anyone know how to edit these sprites?


Hello, its really easy to edit these: First you pick some art software (Aseprite, Photoshop, GIMP...) any one will do, then you have to zoom in to see the template because pixel art is really small. The next step is to just draw. Have fun. I recommend you use aseprite or its free alternative libresprite, watch a short tutorial on how to use it


THIS character asset is the holy grail of side scrollers prototyping!

I鈥檝e used it for a Beat鈥檈m Up lol, and planning to use it big time on a platformer, thanks for the amazing job!


Also credited the Beat Em Up appropriately at https://vxspctr.itch.io/beer-em-up


Hi, buying it now, looks awesome, will save me much time in the future!
But wanted to ask, is there a chance of getting minning animation?

Will there be animations for casting spells or, for example, animation for drinking a potion, etc.?

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